Why I do NOT believe in evolution

OK, I am a Biologist and I know I put anyone that knows me into shock but I am writing this to make a point to my peers and to anyone that is giving serious thought to this issue.

I do not believe in evolution, rather, I have been convinced, through careful study of the evidence presented by careful scholars, that evolution is the way that species of living things adapted over generations using Natural Selection.

I don’t just believe in evolution.

I do not get offended when people question me about evolution.  Why should I, why shouldn’t they have the right to require proof before they convince themselves based upon sound science.

Although I disagree with them, I respect other points of view but I have no conflict harmonizing my faith in God with my science.

They can coexist peacefully but they occupy different paradigm, my science requires questioning and constant refinement of hypothesises while my relationship with God requires faith in things I cannot see.

Faith based science is an oxymoron while evidence based belief is a contradiction of terms.

A sense of wonder and people in the life sciences

I just got a notification from a friend that reblogged something awesome about zebra fish larvae and it got me thinking about how amazing it is that anything is alive and not only alive but able to reproduce itsel and move into the next generation.

I spend a good bit of my time experiencing a sense of child-like wonder inspired by anything from the magesty of a red oak I was measuring in Ecology lab to the Planarians regenerating their heads to the way amino acid chains self assemble into proteins to the Hox genes to the nervous system to the way (fill in the blank) has evolved.

OK, I’m a hopeless nerd but I am in good company because those with a scientist’s heart share this sense of wonderment.  Dr. T, for example, caught me just marveling at the red oak and smiled knowing that mine was a kindred spirit. Same with Dr. G. when I learned about the proteins self assembling or the Physics Dr. G. when my calculations were correct and my projectile hit the bulls-eye of its target (although the Physics version of that was, “The laws of Physics work at all times.”

I sincerely never want to grow up because I want to feel as though every day I get a chance to discover some deep profound truth and someday I hope I get to do something that will make the world glad I was born.

True Story of a Random Act of Kindness (reposted with permission.)

This is a true story that happened to my friend, Liza, overnight between Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Personally, I think she’s crazy going out and standing in line for hours but I digress. She tells a story of the basic goodness found in ordinary people and I believe the good in us far outweighs the bad.

I want you to read this story and feel your heart grow and glow.

True story of a random act of kindness, Written by Elizabeth Rivera posted here with her permission.

Like many people across the United States I stood in line for six hours in the bitter cold to buy a television. I got there early and held the thirteenth position. The people around me were very friendly and we engaged in fun conversations to pass the time. I thought my place in the line would guarantee the item I wanted. Not really…

As they gave away the tickets the person in front of me got the last one leaving both One and I stunned with disbelief. A woman (name removed until I gain permission to use)  turned around and told me she needed to do the right thing and gave me one of her tickets. She was there with her son and some friends and each had one ticket. She had plans for that extra television set but kindheartedly decided to give it up.

Many people criticize the shift in tradition from Thanksgiving to a more commercialized holiday. But you know what? Tonight I was thankful and grateful for a person that cared enough to reach out and help a total stranger. Name Removed  gave me another reason to be thankful, the strength of the human heart and the willingness to help one another shone through her and made me realize how blessed I am.

Baldscientist has something to say about some political asshattery.

Baldscientist is my friend and mentor and has something to say that is deserving of your attention.


Binary Code as a hypothesis for a Pre-RNA world

I have done a search for this hypothesis to already exist but I have not found any previously published work so here goes…..

One of the very hardest things to try to explain with respect to evolution is the notion that something relatively complex like transcription and translation came together and live made a huge quantum leap.

I am suggesting that Adenine and Uracil (if RNA world hypothesis is accurate,) were the only nitrogenous bases in the very earliest organisms and Guanine and Cytosine mutated from A and U (T). 

The other thing needed by something to be alive is energy to keep the delta G from being zero (insert evil scientist laugh.) Adenine looks like….would you lookie at that, ATP!

The two things that make something alive is replication-transcription-translation using either DNA or, more likely, RNA and ATP.

If life started with A and U (T) andemerging life required 20 amino acids, and a start and at least one stop.  Early codons would be quintuplet instead of triplicate. and we would have 32 quintuplet codons insteaad of 64 presenting a lot less redundency.

Adenine would also double as energy-rich ATP. If this happened, it would be a beautiful case of less being more.


My Near Miss

Before I even tell my story, I want to know the logic behind the expression Near Miss, isn’t it actually more like a near hit? Just saying.

Anyway, I was diving a girlfriend to the pet store on Tuesday at the tail end of Sandy. For local peeps, we were headed south on 113 right at the Kimberton Fairgrounds. A pickup truck was headed north with a couple of storage shelves in the bed of the truck.

The schmuck didn’t have his shelves tied down and a good gust wind blew as the truck took a bump and two storage shelves few out of the bed of the pickup and into my path.

There was nowhere to swerve and no time anyway and I was afraid we were going to take a direct hit in the windshield so I offered a quick prayer.

The shelves landed on the south-bound lane of 113, took a bounce, hit the front of my car (a mini cooper) and, I believe, hydroplaned over my car to their demise crashed to pieces on the road behind my car.

I stopped, parked the car, shut down the engine, and went outside to inspect the damage.

There wasn’t a scratch on my car.


So, I may not have had electric service for four days because of this nasty storm but I know that God is looking after me  and that my Angels are working overtime to keep my family and me safe in this crazy world.

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