Waiting to Exhale X 3

Three of us are waiting with baited breath to see if we are accepted to the schools to which we applied. Let me clarify, Julianna is applying to STEM Academy which is extremely competitave. STEM is a high school and she had to write three essays and get a letter or recommendation. I kid you not.

Say a little prayer for her.

Then there is Joseph. I stopped keeping count of the exact number but he has applied to at least ten universities. He would love to go to Berkeley but that is a reach. CMU is a reach. He would settle for Pitt or Drexel.

Oh, what the heck, say a little prayer for him, too.

And if that isn’t enough, I have applied to five PhD programs, UPenn, Temple Biology, Temple Pharmacology, Drexel, and Jefferson.  Four of the five colleges are schools of medicine.

Gulp. What if I don’t get in, they are *all* competitive programs. Heck, they pay the student at this level, hello, Deb, why wouldn’t they be competitive? (honestly) But I am waiting to exhale to see if anyone wants me.

Please, yes, say a little prayer for me, too!

Of course, this will be updated when I hear news.

Update! Julianna has an interview on Wednesday during school hours. Please say a little prayer for her!


4 responses to “Waiting to Exhale X 3

  1. Update: Julianna got an interview (!) Next Wednesday (9 January) and the admissions person at Drexel asked for and received documents which means they’re considering me (well, right?)

  2. As of January 17, the crickets continue to chirp.
    If either of us is rejected, we are going to need a lot of therapy.

  3. Sorry this has taken so long.

    Miss. Julianna is accepted to STEM and as of today (For all intents and purposes, Easter, 2013) Joseph had an offer from Duquesne and an offer from Drexel (he has a few others, too, but its between Duquesne and Drexel.

    Apparently no one is considering me. Time to start looking for work but I will apply every year and it will be shame on them for not considering me because of my age because, face it, my telemeres are getting shorter every year.

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