CBMW, the word, role, and its misuses

traditional gender rolesstock-footage-rolling-a-joint-macro-shotdinner+rolls7 baby fat rolls<

First, there are rolls, which are yummy

If you're not careful, your dinner rolls will become fat rolls and that only looks cute on a baby

Then be careful to avoid rolling a joint that might get you jail time unless you live in CO or Oregon (or was that Washington state?)

I am not writing about recrational weed or about healthy eating but another role which is the traditional gender role-playing that patriarchal groups like CBMW pushes in their complementarianistic teaching that they have elevated to essential doctrine.

These people are quite fond of the term role and encourage their followers to fill the role that they were given (by God) but the typical archetype is an image from the 1950's, the image is invariably white, upper-middle class, and everybody is doing what he is expected to do (Note: there is no he or she because if you were doing something worth reporting, you were a male.)

Role is right up there on my gag me words along with Bitter (and its misuses.)

What should I expect from an org. like CBMW, if you get rid of the C at the beginning and the W at the end, you're left with BM at the center which is appropriate since CBMW is full of shit.

I have a suggestion, let people live their lives as authentic beings created in God's image instead of filling someone else's idea of what plastic role they should be play-acting like so many Stepford women.


4 responses to “CBMW, the word, role, and its misuses

  1. You did not let me down. HahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahashahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaBLAST. I don’t know why my iPhone put blast there, but it works for me.

    • In the Biological world, the word blast is associated with propigation or growing so osteoblasts deposit calcium (and osteoclasts break down calcium in bones which is why it drives me nuts that the bone-growing aiding drug is named “reclast” like HELLO! Your osteoperosis med is telling me that it is getting rid of Ca++ instead of building it up! But I digress. I’m glad to have given you opportunity to have a hearty laugh.

  2. Trust me, I need to laugh. Thank you for that and the biology lesson. Maybe I’ll try to impress one of my kids. It would blow them away. Lol

  3. Want a Biology lesson? Hmmm? For mammals, the default gender is femaie and a man’s spenis is a glorified and overgrown clitoris.

    Ever wonder how a female-to-male reassignment entails? The former she is given male hormones and her clitoris grows and the plastic surgeon modifies it (note: I am not an expert in this area and may not be completely accurate so if you find a mistake, correct it.

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