Girls, body image, and the rest is in this post!

Jeanette 09Yesterday, I was running errands with Julianna (for those that don’t know Julianna turned 14 in March.) The entire eighth grade is going to Dorney Park. Dorney has a water park that is included in the general admission ticket so we usually split our time between the theme park and the water park but Julianna told me that she was only going to the water park with Abby.

I, of course, wanted to know why hoping that there was no girl drama in Julianna’s little social circle but the real reason was far more disturbing.

Julianna and Abby are the only girls that feel secure in their own bodies to feel free to go have fun in the water park.


Both girls are thin naturally and I can’t speak for Abby but Julianna comes by her thinness naturally (unfortunately for me from the other side of the family.) She eats “like a boy” and is extremely active.

Her other girlfriends are too self-conscious to be seen in a swim suit and this breaks my heart. Julianna mentioned a friend who is a little bit chubby. “But I eat more than she does.” and “But she’s beautiful” and she is. Sadly, she has already decided not to don a swimsuit today.

I wish there was some effective way to help girls through this stage without the girls spending the rest of their lives worrying about their bodies in a swimsuit.

My girls are relatively unscathed but I think it is because of their skinny genes rather than anything I have done.

Fear will not govern my actions

20130428_152507I am afraid.

I am being honest.

But I will not let this fear, no matter how relentless, no matter how valid, to govern the decisions I make nor will I allow it to define my character.

Chrissy, I will stand with you in spite of the consequences. I will speak the truth and justice will prevail.

Perfect love casts out fear.

Two pieces of advice, “Do not let fear govern your actions but what whatever you do, do out of love in your heart. Let love direct your actions for love is the currency of heaven. Against love, there is no law with love, there are no limitations.”

Mother’s Day Flowers (and what they say about my children)

a href=””>jeanettemothersdayIt started yesterday, the day before Mother’s Day. Jeanette, who is getting ready to graduate from berkeley, shipped me a beautiful pink rose plant in full bloom. Perfect.

Jessica came early in the afternoon and presented me with a beautiful bouquet that she had arranged herself.

Jo and Matt and Brooke arrived an hour later and Jo gave me a beautiful heather plant because she knew I like unusual plants.

I am the luckiest mom in the world.

Finally, there is Joseph who arrived in the evening because he was working. There was a rose plant withered up and dying at a friends house and he rescued the plant from the trash and reasoned that water would help it out which it did so I received a flowerless and recovering rose plant and that is because he knows I like to nurture sad little creatures and the challenge of bringing a plant back to health.

I love all of you and the unique blessings you bring to my life.

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