Musings about girlfriends and math phobia and we can do anything

Note: I had to wait for nearly a month for Sofia to return from Mexico and give her permission. God continues to give me a “Do Not Give Up” message.

20130428_152507I have a friend, Sofia, who is Mexican.

I love hearing her talk about her childhood in Mexico and I love her bubbly personality. She is a powerful prayer and an amazing story-teller and she is brilliant but she was never able to get her high school diploma and has been studying for the GED. She took it in January and passed every subject save math. The reasons for this will become ovbious. I will not post her story without her consent but Sofia posted the following on Facebook.

“Many years ago, I was told that there was something wrong with my brain, something like a trauma or so. I was told not to ever attempt to study Math, because of that “trauma” my brain couldn’t put together 2 plus 2. I took this comment to heart and decided not to go trough high school. Today, the curse was broken! I PASSED MATH! Yeeeeeeeeh! I just needed 410 points to pass and I got 510 wow! Look at me, look at me, he, he, he. I am getting my GED diploma. Yes, it was a very hard test (for me). A good friend from church (who happens to have a brilliant brain) prayed for me two months ago, and when she asked God to “rewire my brain” a bright light pup off on my right eye. Two nights ago I had a dream were God was whispering to my ear, telling me that I passed Math already. This morning, before I left for my test, my husband Isaias prayed for me, and when he asked God to come to my rescue giving me his understanding in algebra problems, that light pup off again, the same way it did last time. When I was doing my test, I encounter I very confusing question, and I spoke this words: “Dear Jesus, let me use your brain, please” and the answer came right after I finished praying. TO GOD BE THE GLORY! I am so happy, that I could run and dance through the streets of Pottstown! Trust always in God and he’ll give you the victory. Do not ever give up. Thanks to all who have been praying for me, I felt your love and I love you too!”

My words could take me in so many different directions but I want to focus on one thing, “Trust always in God and he’ll give you the victory. Do not ever give up.”

Beautiful words, I will not give up, I am glad you are my friend, and I can’t wait to see how God is going to use you with your amazing brilliant rewired brain.

Yes, you guessed who prayed the rewiring prayer and I am not as impressed with the aforementioned brain (mine not Sofia’s.)

Now, all I need do is wait for permission to post this.

Where is Justice for Marissa Alexander?

Marissa Alexander thank you CBS News

If you REALLY want to do something about the privilege and the racial and gender double-standard do something about this woman.
Warning: I am about to be insensitive so if you are a member of Treyvon’s family please stop reading because I am going to make statements you won’t be able to handle.
The rest of you should think about this.
The Zimmerman case was poorly prosecuted and the jury handed down the only decision they could make because the standard was reasonable doubt and the defense produced enough legitimate reasonable doubt. Treyvon is gone, nothing you do can bring him back but, as that jury was deliberating, another black person, a woman, was sentenced by a judge in Florida. She could be President Obama’s kid sister if he had a sister or your brown auntie or whomever but she is rotting in a Florida jail for twenty years because she fired warning shots at an abusive husband.
Yup, crap on her.
She’s black…Strike One
She’s female….Strike Two
She’s in Florida…..Strike Three

Where is the Prez?
Where is Ann Coulter?
Where is Faux News?
Where are all the civil rights leaders?

To all my facebook friends that have blacked out their profile page, this woman is alive rotting in jail for far less than Zimmerman. She is in Florida and under the wacky self-defense jurisdiction. This is a *huge* double-standard. If you are sick and tired of dead black children and a frightened women rotting in jail, let’s do something about it. We can do something for Marissa! I’m thinking petition President Obama for a pardon. But some of you are activists and have the experience I lack.

Are we watching The Help?
Are we reading The Handmaid’s Tale?
Here is the story (credit to CBS News.)

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