How could this be real?

Today I sat down to the Legacy breakfast at Duquesne University and initiated the socially acceptable chitchat. I’ve walked this earth long enough to see the hand of God in everyday activity particularly when people are brought together and this is a prime example of serendipity. My new acquaintance is a professor of sociology and Holocaust Studies. I am writing a book some of which takes place in that horrible time and my new acquaintance asked me why I chose that period of time for my story and I wasn’t quite sure and told her as much and added, “How do people take away an entire group of people’s status as humans in order to commit atrocities?”

She told me that was the very reason she has studies and taught on the subject. How could anyone take away another person’s personhood? In my book, it is fear that tends to prevent good from protecting the innocent.

A few days ago, I became aware of this letter


If you double-click, you can read the font.

I had earnestly wished it was a hoax but, according to Snopes, it is authentic.

Authentically evil.

Do not let evil have its way by being polite or keeping quiet if you see or hear someone spew hate like this.

We are all humans, created in God’s likeness and all are His children. Because of this and because of nothing else, our value is inherent and cannot be stolen from us. But evil tries and good must be brave and oppose evil.

Really? Is this the best we can do for our daughters?

I am outraged that we can’t produce anything better for our daughters to wear except vapid and inappropriately sexualized clothing declaring boys over books or shopping as a favorite academic subject.

Its bad enough that girls are socialized to center their activities around their favorite boys and to build their conversations around gossip while boys are socialized to build their conversations around their favorite activities, now girls have their clothing literally speaking for them.

This is a revisitation of the Barbie in the 1990’s that had, “I hate Math” in her repertoire.

This is derived from the same source that would socialize girls to want to become princesses (again, defined by the men that she can snag but limiting her own personal development as an individual, yeah, just what we want for our daughters.)girls math

boys books

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