Tuesday’s Adventure

I started today shoveling about three inches of snow and Julianna had a two hour delay and when I dropped her off at school, I started heading to Drexel because today was a poster presentation.

I need to back up a couple paces to say that I have an application in to the Biology department there and I haven’t heard a peep which is a bit disappointing because they’re my first pick but I have taking my own ambitious ass down there for events like poster and research presentations. Although I have made inquiry and have been assured no decision has been made, all I hear from Drexel’s direction are metaphoric crickets chirping.

Bear in mind this was a last minute whim decision and I invited Eve who almost went with me but it occurred to me to take the train so I got off the by-pass and quickly made my way to Exton Station.

Exton station had no open parking spots so I decided to pick up the By-pass and just rough it though construction so I could make it to Philly at a respectable time.

The traffic gods were not in a good mood and traffic was snarled on the by-pass and I got a creepy sensation that I had narrowly avoided catastrophie.

I went to Malvern and there was no parking and I missed the train. 

Who on earth names a place Malvern (bad spring? Are you kidding, after this winter, bad spring is an oxymoron but, once again, I digress.)

I got to Paoli and fortunes turned I got a good parking spot right by the part of the train station where I get off the homeward bound train. 

Then, there was a girl at the station that gave me her day pass for the entire public transportation system. In other words, I rode for free!

Isn’t that awesome.

The walk from 30th Street Station to the poster presentation was pleasant and the poster presentation was great.

I am an unashamed nerd and a poster presentation is like a Phillies game or being at the movies for other people. I got to ask willing victims detailed questions about their research.

I really want to get accepted at Drexel or Temple.

Not being able to be involved with research would suck but if God really doesn’t want me doing this, the alternative will be amazing.



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