Beginning of the book for Monita White

The Currency of Heaven

Pro Prologue

Mitochondrial Eve aka U5b2c


25,000 years ago


U5b2C, blinked her eyes and closed them tight again. She was cold and wet and soot from the fire irritated her newborn eyes. Little did she know she had a harmless new mutation in her mitochondrial DNA making her the foremother of all subsequent people with that haplotype. Before she could howl in protest, a warm fur was placed over her and her mom on whose soft belly she rested.

She quickly found her mother’s breast and instinctively comforted herself by suckling.  From that vantage point, she gave the world a second look and found herself staring into the loving brown eyes of she who will be the center of her universe for the next four or five years.

Since all was right in her little world, U5b2c fell into a long nourishing sleep giving her mother a chance to rest and heal from the hard work of giving birth.

When she was weaned, U5b2c was given a name, Tara.   Tara belonged to a kinship that lived farther north than almost any other people group for this was a time when ice was seen regardless of how much longer the sun stayed in the daytime sky compared to the darkness of night.  Although the men would follow game and could be in the vast coniferous forest for days, Tara lived in a settlement from which the great water could be seen in the western horizon.

Each time the songbirds returned in spring and Tara’s mother measured her daughter on a designated spot on a preserved tree trunk that all the mothers used to track the growth of their children.  Tara grew tall and strong.  At the same time, more and more water was liberated from ice.  When ten lines on the tree trunk belonged to Tara, the melting water created a trickle that rolled over the face of the ice cliff.  The water pooled at the bottom of the cliff for some time and was finally able to join a nearby stream.  Enough water collected in the eddy to allow Tara to wade knee-deep in the nearly frozen water and cast nets that would almost consistently yield a catch of fish.  In winter, when the water froze into ice in spite of its motility, Tara would manage to hack a hole in the thick ice allowing her to fish throughout winter in spite of harsh conditions.

 Tara had quickly become a critical member of her kinship because she provided many high protein feasts that kept everyone strong and alert. But there was more to her than being a good fisherwoman, she was perceptive of the spirit world and, when their wise woman died, it was Tara the elders chose as shaman in spite of her youth.  Tara was fascinated by the ice caves and would explore them in spite of their obvious dangers.  At the mouth of the largest ice save, a sea monster kept vigil with rows of sharp teeth ready to devour anything foolish enough to cross its path.  Everyone in her kinship was afraid of it and would dare not look into its inky black eyes or venture past the mouth of the cave that it seemed to be guarding but Tara had looked and discerned that whatever life that had quickened when it hatched from its mother’s egg had long left and there was nothing left to animate what was frozen and had become part of the wall of the ice cave.



There were two types of people back in the time before people learned how to write, the tall agile people who could kill with their spears and the shorter hairy people that were clumsy but more aware of their prey and could anticipate future events by looking for clues of past behavior. These were also the people that left records in their cave-homes by painting pictures to enable future eyes to understand what they had experienced. Of course, the spear-throwers thought themselves better than the quieter artists. Bryn was among the most talented of artists and he captured Tara’s heart when she took an interest in his weaving.  She was able to adapt his design to create stronger fishing nets and he took her fish net design and incorporated a knot design for his cave murals. (yes, these were the first Celtic knots.)  the nets and taking inspiration from those knots to make a knotted pattern in his paintings (the first celtic knots.)  Because the tall spear-throwing kinships thought they were better than the hairy artists, it was forbidden to marry one of those inferior peoples. Some people need to feel better about themselves by denying the humanity of others but Tara could see the “In God’s Image-ness” when she looked into Bryn’s eyes and she saw something that she hadn’t noticed before, love welling up. She was awakened to realize that every act of kindness, every gesture, every, “Do you like this?” and “Take it, it is a gift,” was actually a declaration of, “I love you.” Now, her heart had quickened and she became aware every little tender gesture and created ways to reciprocate.  

The water from ice started to melt and form little riverlets that made a final dramatic descent as a waterfall, falling water that generated a new dynamic energy that was unknown to Tara who was wondering at the song the falling water made as it crashed into the ice-cold pool of water below.

The Universe was singing a love song. Tara and Bryn could hear it and sang songs to one another with its harmony.

Dynamic is the word it is dynamo dynamite energy expanding. Never created, never destroyed ever changing form and water, frozen hard in the form of ice was absorbing more and more energy from the sun until it transformed into the fluid water making it animate. Eventually, it would become vapor after absorbing yet more energy from the sun. This was the end of the last ice age and although there have been many ice ages before, the change from solid to liquid and even to vapor was mirrored by the quickening of spirit within the human population and Tara was among the first to hear the love song the universe was singing. Little flash drives of pieces to a puzzle were coming together, all 22 pairs plus two large X-shaped pieces Unique, never before and never after. Naturally, she was the second U5b2c and the song the universe sings bore its most beautiful fruit, the fruit of love, “In God’s Image-ness.”

But for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction and while Tara and Bryn’s spirits were being quickened into the image of the divine, there were others that remained frozen and feared the reflection of spirit within the eyes of the enlightened peoples.

Sharpening their spears, they hunted their own sister because she refused to send away Bryn who was shorter and not agile although he was the painter of the most beautiful wall murals. Even though he made a knot of heart and trinity and promised Tara that he would love her forever. Fear cannot hear the melody of the love song the universe is singing, it knows nothing of the dynamic of awakening life. It is unaware of love and the limitations of love which are none.

The first thing that was done was to spread fear by telling the people that Tara was using magic from samhan and it would make their sons and daughters sick and die (make this stronger.) Bryn wasn’t human and fear convinced them that he was to be sacrificed.  Just like love quickened into in god’s likeness, fear spawned Malevolent who remained solid using expanding gases to create lift he needed to ride the thermals and survey his territory.

But all of this would take time and Tara and Bryn’s love was starting to show and Tara was keeping her own sweet daughter warm in a furry sling and the winters were shorter and summers were longer and the ice receded and green moss and other plants became plentiful and Tara’s daughter was given the name mara and malevolent was afraid of her because she, too, could hear the song the universe was singing.

Then it happened, fear, Malevolent, was able to occupy the others such that they were going to carry out the murders but Tara and Bryn were prepared. They were going to hide in the ice caves.  The others were afraid of them because a frozen sea monster with rows of teeth could be seen frozen in the ice. The others weren’t sure it was completely dead so they stayed away from the creature and its teeth.

The family was going to slip away unnoticed but they were being watched and the fearful ones with the sharp spears were pursuing them and catching up quickly.

When they reached the ice caves, they were completely covered by the expanding waterfall and all three ran through the waterfall in order to access the caves and this is when things happened that cannot be explained rationally.

Bryn crossed to the ice cave but he was wet and cold and frightened. He was alone in the cold wet and dark cave. Although he lost track of time waiting, he was dangerously cold and frightened in the shadow of the ice monster and finally, reluctantly went past the sea monster and out through the waterfall and took a spear through his broken heart because the fearful ones were waiting for him.

Eventually the tall spear throwing people managed to kill the cave painters but some of us carry the memory of them in a language we are just beginning to understand.

Tara and Mara were never seen again.






Traveling out of her native time and space was accompanied by a feeling of being tugged a lightness followed by a returning heaviness along with a fleeting feeling of disorienting vertigo.

The first thing Tara noticed was the warm sun upon her skin and the warmness of the pool of water when she had weathered the nearly frozen waterfall and ice cave. Mara was holding her breath afraid to be overwhelmed by water if she dared open her mouth. Although Tara was holding Mara in a tight grip, Mara was taking no chances as she clutched her mother’s hair in her balled up fists. Although Tara’s heart was racing fueled by the adrenaline and cortisol that is released when something must fight or flee for its life, Tara was embraced by a world that had never been seen by anything that reflected God’s image in their eyes.

As she caught her breath and her heart slowed to a sustainable pace, Tara frantically looked around for her kinship and their sharp weapons but none followed her to this place.

As Tara started to relax and the muscles she used to hold her daughter softened, Mara grew restless in her mother’s arms. She knew the others had not followed them through the falls. When her feet found the rocky surface of the pool that collected water at the bottom of the falls, she found her voice and called out for her papa, Tara set her daughter upon the sandy beach along the edge of the pool and ran through the falls praying to reach back to Bryn. Gravity became oppressively strong then light as though she was on the moon and back to normal earth’s gravity.

Tara found herself back to the moment Bryn was on his way out of the falls and she could see the spear on its trajectory toward Bryn and she was afraid not of being killed alongside Bryn but afraid of leaving Mara to her own devices in that mysterious warm lush realm.

Tearfully, Tara retreated through the waterfall back to her waiting daughter. Allowing their clothing to dry on the rocks, Tara tried to make sense of the events of the past few hours and waited for her sweet Mara to fall into a fitful sleep before she grieved for her unimaginable loss.

Tara opened her eyes and spent a few seconds waiting for her eyes to focus.

Do you remember your dreams?

Do little pieces to that world return to your waking consciousness as vivid flashbacks?

Have you ever had a recurring nightmare of being chased or falling and you always wake up before you’re caught or before your falling self hits the ground? And have you been in a nightmare when you start asking God to wake you up, please let this be just a bad dream?

And you wake up and it was only a dream, only a dream.

Tara woke to her personal nightmare and wished to return to her love, her Bryn who met her in a vivid dream in which the inky black eyes of the frozen monster sparkled with life and was liberated by a wayward spear.

Silent tears started to course down her cheeks dripping from the edges of her high cheek bones.





Mara met her friend in her dreams that night, little did she know that the meetings would be a common thread of her dream world. The other girl had the most beautiful blue eyes, the color of the summer sky and the eyes were mirrors into a soul that could hear the song the Universe was singing. The girl could travel through flowing water outside her own time and place because she, too, was a U5b2c and the mutation in her mitochondrial DNA allowed energy that was being harnessed by the most amazing miniature dynamo to resonate in a way that allowed her to shift in this most peculiar manner.

Do not ever forget that we all have enemies seen and unseen. Monsters that are given power usually fan the flames of fear to their own advantage. True love, the very thing that makes our lives of value is not unopposed. Those of us who were the fruit of loving family are often shocked at the capacity of others that seem to enjoy harming other people and then there are the ones that are the product of fear and stress. But the sister of Love is Hope and Hope is a powerful ally. She hears the song the Universe is singing and she is unafraid to be at your side on your worst day.








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