Fat shaming is a thing

Okay, in the past three years, I have put on weight primarily because I hurt my back and haven’t been nearly as active as usual and I hope that is temporary but people really need to get a grip and realize that a person’s statistics are but one small element of the entire personhood and it is a pretty unimportant one at that!

I just read an article about Kelly Clarkson being bullied and fat shamed by the fitness police and I was expecting to see a picture of an obese woman and saw this 


She is beautiful in both photos!

I believe this is a feminist issue and I have a single question; has this ever been done to a man?

2 responses to “Fat shaming is a thing

  1. cindy

    I agree. The most difficult for me right now is when others “invite” me to join their weight loss groups. I guess they feel that it is a subtle way to acknowledge my weight gain. I’d feel better if they just asked to exercise together. Just some thoughts.

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