Read this before you make knee-jerk comments about Syrian refugees

She, was exhausted from their travels across the sandy middle eastern dessert terrain. Exhausted but had a little farther to travel.  She belonged to a particularly troublesome ethnic group which didn’t play well with their neighbors. They were frequent objects of violent outbursts and were, with some reason, accused of genocide as well.

This particular instace with this particular family, they were fleeing the unwanted attention of their dispotic dictator who was bloodthirsty, to say the least, willing, if the stories are correct, to kill his own son if he (the son, that is,) was a perceived threat to his iron-fisted rule.

As I said before in my conceptual family, the dictator had taken notice of the couple’s oldest son and the things that had been said because, as you well know people do not know how to keep their mouths shut. So she crossed the boarder of her native soil and took on refugee status.


It isn’t hard to understand why she and her husband might want to put a little distance between them and those that would do them harm.


Would you give them shelter?

You would find nothing if you did a background check.




Can you prove a negative?


Would you let more brown people in as refugees?


Or do you believe the unfounded boogieman stories you watch on Fox News?


Should they be forced to go back where they cane from?


Be honest.


Did you say yes, no, or a lazy maybe?


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Dumbass, the brown people were Jesus, Mary, and Saint Joseph.

You threw baby Jesus under your bigoted bus.

And you let Herod kill all the babies in that two year window (picked the wrong team.)

No Jesus.

No Cross.

No Easter.

No salvation.

Glad the Egyptians (Nope, weren’t Muslim aka people of the book, they were heathen idol-worshipping old school pre-Islamic Egyptians) and *they* had the heart to let the hunted family live there until evil dictator (aka Herod) died and the family could safely return home.

Think about that and remember to not let your own fears drive you to hasty and coldhearted decisions but let love govern your heart. The Bible says that perfect love casts out fear.

I dare you to live like you believe it.

Would you want your state to grant this family refugee status?



Allow me to provide, for your thoughtful consideration, the case of a particular middle-eastern family and allow me to ask you if your state should afford this family refugee status.

The ethnic group to which these folks belong has a history of being trouble-makers and are constantly at odds with their neighbors. They have also been associated with violence to the degree that some would consider some of the actions genocide.

Because there had been so much unrest, the Senate passed a law that a census be taken and some surveillance conducted on suspicious characters.

The ruler of the small middle eastern country was admittedly cruel and barbaric. He held onto power with an iron fist and was paranoid about others conspiring against him. He wasn’t beyond killing  children  if he felt threatened by them. His enemies had a way of disappearing.

The ruler was getting ready to wipe out the firstborn son of our family but the parents were secretly warned of their impending doom and escaped capture in the nick of time.

I ask you, dear readers of my blog, do you want your state to give this family refugee status?

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