Leaders, Where is Your Discernment?!

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Revolutionary Faith

pearl pig2I wasn’t going to write about Donald Trump. I wasn’t going to feed the narcissistic machine. I assumed he wouldn’t get this far. I assumed the bluster would blow over after a while–that people would realize who he is and let him fade into obscurity.

When he said Megyn Kelly had “blood coming out of her…wherever,” I thought surely now people will see that this is a man without respect.

When he mocked a respected POW from the Vietnam War, I thought surely now people will see that this is a man without honor.

When he belittled his opponent by threatening to expose his wife’s mental illness, I said surely now people will see that this is a man without mercy.

When he shamelessly ridiculed a disabled person, I said surely now people will realize this is a man without empathy.

When he called his own supporters idiots and insulted members of his own…

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5 Things stop doing if you want to win anyone over to Jesus

Most Christians are a bit hesitant to evangelize and for good reason, those Christians that do seem to bungle it for the others leaving a bad taste in people’s mouths. I love talking about Jesus with people but I do so in a natural sort of way. This seems to work for me but I have noticed five things that really make it awkward to talk about Jesus.

1) Hating the sin and loving the sinner.
There are GLBT folks that I love. I support GLBT civil rights, have for decades. Nobody buys the hate the sin love the sinner meme. It seems impossible to get past the hate thing to have a chance with the love thing. Most gay folk believe Christians hate them and I can understand why they have these opinions. Love the person. Note the period at the end of the previous sentence. Hint: people can tell when you love them.
2) Using tracts. Please. They’re obnoxious and I seriously doubt anyone owes their salvation to them. I saw them from the other side of the equation yesterday when my friend, Shayma, who is Muslim, was the recepient of an anti-islamic variety of the tract (I have seen anti everything but Protestant Christian tracts) I was offended for her.

Please do not put down one of these tracts with a tip. Ever. And don’t even think of putting it down as a tip. If you do, you are a cheap little shit.


3) Stop supporting Donald Trump! Donald Trump is a disgrace and does not hold Christian values. He has no filter and says what is on his mind. What is on his mind is offensive to minorities, women, religious minorities, Latino and Latinas, and disabled folk. Do you really think heaven is going to be full of primarily rich, white, straight, cis men?


4) Stop equating Christianity with conservative politics…..just stop watching Faux News.

Must I elaborate?


5) Start behaving like that brown middle-eastern socialist Jew who was the son of a teenage mom that was married to a fellow that wasn’t his dad.

If you think I’m talking about Bernie Sanders, think harder.

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