God has edited our books giving us a happy ending (or at least the option of a happy alternate timeline)

I just finished my book, hurray! The short synopsis of the book is that we have choices some of which determine what type of lives we will live. Will we be frozen in our own fear or will we let the love in our hearts be the driving force in our lives.

One of the pivotal moments in the book has the main character in a place outside of time and between parallel universes. Each person that has ever lived is represented as a book and some books are unwritten because they have had their story (life) stolen from them.

Recently, while praying, I realized that God has edited each one of our books (lives) because He loves us and wants our story to have a happy ending. His love is perfect and sacrificial; There is no fear. We all get to choose the edited version and live rich lives with purpose and filled with opportunities to love and be beloved in return.

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