Emma, love, and faith the size of a mustard seed

For the past week or so, everyone that is kind enough to tolerate the sound of my voice has been hearing about little Emma and her need for prayer because she has been fighting for her life  as she battles a nasty virus. Although the doctors started sounding pessimistic about her recovery, Emma’s family never stopped believing their little girl could pull through this crisis. There are at least two things that give them strength to live such extraordinary faith; they are keenly aware that God can do anything and  their little girl fights like a Klingon warrior.

What fuels Emma’s fight?

Love, she is surrounded by the most amazing and sublime love and one more thing, she is loved for who she is and for whose she is not for anything she does.

I am still learning this lesson.

I am honored to be numbered among this family’s friends.

I ask anyone reading this to pray for Emma.

They can feel our prayers.

This week, we were at our small group meeting and one of the worship songs was the Revelation Song that is a beautiful song with a wealth of imagery. Color, for example, is “living color.” When I think of color being alive, the color is green because it is water and carbon dioxide, both  blue with the sun, which is yellow, providing the energy. When a seed is germinated, it is a little one lobed or 2 lobed leaf called a cotyleden.  This reminded me of the mustard seed which is very small. The Bible verse says that if we have a little bit of faith like that of a mustard seed, we can move mountains.

It doesn’t say you will every time but you can because nothing is impossible with God.

Thanks but No-thanks or why I’m not going to watch Ken Ham and Bill Nye debate evolution-vs-creationism


If you know me, you know that two of the most important things in my life are my faith and my love of science particularly life science.

You might also know that Bill Nye the Science Guy and Ken Ham (the fellow that is the force behind the creation museum where people and dinosaurs lived together).  It is only natural to think I would have watching this great debate on my agenda but you would be mistaken because I will not be watching this for several reasons. A few are as follows…..

These two men are basing their position using two different and opposing sets of rules. Creationism is part of Ham’s faith and hypothesis testing is central to Nye’s scientific method.  Evidence-based faith is an oxymoron and faith-based science is a contradiction of terms.

Although I am a Christian and believe that evolution is a fact, my faith is not affected by this nor does my faith hurt my ability to look unbiasedly at evidence.  Others do feel threatened, however, and I’m not sure a spectacle like this is the way to persuade someone that is afraid of what I consider the truth.

That’s enough for now but if you have anything to add, feel free to contribute.

There are three Greek words for life in the Bible

When I was a kid, I was told Eskimos (pardon to the First Nations peoples of the Arctic) have 20 words for what is snow in English.  The logical conclusion was that snow is a large part of these people’s lives and they need more descriptive and practical words for what all gets translated into the English word snow than some white kid living in the suburbs of Philadelphia.  Getting back to the point, the Bible has three Greek words for what is translated to “life.” I will not be studying the original Hebrew words right now but perhaps another time.

The three words are Bios, Psyche, and Zoe.

I have two degrees in Biology and a minor in Psychology so those two words have obvious English parallels but in my world, Zoe is a girl’s name.

Not anymore.

Bios, Psyche, and Zoe are like body, soul, and spirit.

Bios is our physiology, all the processes involved in maintaining homeostasis so we can stay alive. That is Bios; our physical life.

Psyche is our selves, who we are, our personality. Our being, Psyche, is our soul.

Finally, Zoe is our spirit, the part of us that is quickened when our soul reaches out to God. Zoe is our in God’s Image-ness and is the part of us that can’t live without God.

There are three types of live that correlate to the three types of love found in the Greek, eros (physical love) phileos (brotherly love or a reciprocal sort of love and agapos which is a pure love that is unconditional.

I am so blown away at the fact that some very fortunate things are alive which is why I love Biology. Psychos and Zoe, look out!

2013-10-24 19.44.50

My Identity

garden in May 002My identity is in Christ

I am the first to admit I have gained an identity from certain qualities that I have either as personality traits or traits I developed over a lifetime of experience and hard lessons.
I feel myself slowly whittled away until the only thing that survives is my identity as a child of God trusting Jesus.
I suppose the last thing to go will be my sense of humor but that is almost extinguished by the process.
I had my first rejection and I am pretty convinced it is the first followed by the other four.
Harsh reality delivered by two mundane words; “Application Denied.” Just like that as though there was something deficient in me, not that they had so many qualified applicants and had to make difficult choices in this economy.
No ego-soothing, just denied.
I really wanted to go for my PhD but it seems as though that will be taken away. God has other plans for me. The words roll off the software and land on the word document looking shallow and contrived but I really do want to trust Him, and thus the battle between my ears begins in earnest.
God has other plans for me………rolling my eyes. What I’m actually thinking is yup, Deb will get the shitty end of the stick again.
I really need to trust God in this situation because He has been there for me up until now, His timing is exquisite, and He seems content to keep us guessing ‘till the last moment so I’ll hang on for dear life.
If I am completely rejected, I’ll find a job. Apparently, with my MS, I can make bank. I really don’t want to work for The Man and the last thing I need is to sell my soul to the corporate devil.
Although I would rather do meaningful research and make minimum wage just as long as I can pay off my loans.
Naturally, I’ll keep my readers updated.
Prayers and encouraging words are welcome.
Thanks ahead of time.
Everywhere and in all parallel realities, God is likely looking at me struggling in that temporal already but not yet paradox and I feel Him trying to tell me that it will be ok and I need to relax into it like I had to relax while I was in labor with my children and, since this is a realm outside of time-space, the manifestation of me that is already there is having a good laugh at my expense but she is welcome to the laugh because imagining that scene makes everything worth the trouble.

There is a word for this! Yugen

yugenI am often found in a state of childlike wonder at something in the Biological sciences. Whether I’m staring at the canopy of an old red oak or marveling that peptide chains fold into uniquely shaped proteins without added energy but using Van der Waals forces or hydrogen bonding (or disulfide bridges.) I feel a sense of wonder and natural enchantment that leaves me without words. I recently discovered there is a name for this. It is a japanese word, Yugen.

Why I do NOT believe in evolution

OK, I am a Biologist and I know I put anyone that knows me into shock but I am writing this to make a point to my peers and to anyone that is giving serious thought to this issue.

I do not believe in evolution, rather, I have been convinced, through careful study of the evidence presented by careful scholars, that evolution is the way that species of living things adapted over generations using Natural Selection.

I don’t just believe in evolution.

I do not get offended when people question me about evolution.  Why should I, why shouldn’t they have the right to require proof before they convince themselves based upon sound science.

Although I disagree with them, I respect other points of view but I have no conflict harmonizing my faith in God with my science.

They can coexist peacefully but they occupy different paradigm, my science requires questioning and constant refinement of hypothesises while my relationship with God requires faith in things I cannot see.

Faith based science is an oxymoron while evidence based belief is a contradiction of terms.

Baldscientist has something to say about some political asshattery.

Baldscientist is my friend and mentor and has something to say that is deserving of your attention.


Sandy and Slowing Down (introduction)

Faerie is my latest work.

This season has been a busy one for me and I have had precious little time to work on building this blog but the storm with the given name Sandy has given me the rare opportunity to slow down, take a few relaxing breaths, and pen this introduction.

I am Debra Baker and I live a crazy awesome life in one of the most beautiful parts of the best country on the most hospitable planet known to humans. Both hemispheres of my brain are equally active which translates into an eclectic person that loves science, life sciences in particular, and I also have a deep need to create or at least to attempt to create beauty in the form of painting, gardening, and writing.

I just earned my Masters in Biology and am teaching Biology to non-majors at Delaware County Community College and I really suck at teaching but I love my students and love Biology and am learning from my mistakes although I’m not sure that I will be offered spring classes. Time will tell.

I have organized this blog into categories so my worlds can coexist without cancelling one another out.

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