About white privilege and everyday bigotry and what the (beep beep) I’m going to do about it.

First of all, white privilege is a thing, it exists. In this culture, being white is the default way to be and most of us don’t know it which is a part of being privileged to begin with. This young lady has given the best four minute info video of white privilege and the racism that has replaced old Jim Crow. Watch it and learn.


So, what am I going to do about this?

Simple, if you say anything racist, misogynistic, or really anything in which a group of human beings is “them” or “those” or “those people”, I will not be polite. I will challenge your assumptions. I will use my voice. I will be an ally and I will be an ambassador of Christ and not let injustice be met with silence.


Mystery of the tardy package

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Olivia who enjoyed receiving snail mail. Trouble is, the only time a young child gets snail mail is on Christmas and Birthday time. Because this story takes place in March, it was time to play a blessing forward and, in this instance, a mere card would not suffice therefore, I made a little flower fairy for Miss Olivia.

In March.

Olivia waited and waited and she didn’t receive the little package that had been sent to her.

March turned into April and Olivia didn’t get to see the flower fairy that was created just for her.

Snow was on the ground when the letter was mailed and the snow thawed.

Crocuses came and went as did the snow drops.

All thirty days of April came and went and still no package that had been sent to a little girl named Olivia.

I have been busy recently and have been in an abstract phase and have had no inspiration to make a flower fairy.

Photo                              Photo

Ok, ok, I made a tobacco fairy for a friend named Erica and I had nicotine and cotinine molecules on two of the leaves. Ok, ok, ok, One Pagan wanted  a picture of it so I made him one (haha) of his own without the fairy because I thought he really actually liked the tobacco and the molecules because of the research paper that is submitted and hopefully being peer-reviewed   but I digress.



Yesterday, May 5, two months later (acutally six weeks but, again, I digress,) Olivia finally received her little flower fairy!!!!

I wish I knew the adventures the little package has been taking all this time. Honestly, I do.

And now the little fairy is finished with her whirlwind tour and ready to settle down at her new family’s house.

Thanks, Rebecca, (Olivia’s mommy) for letting me tell my story and post a photo of Olivia.


Love verses Fear

falls trail

This past Sunday, our assistant Pastor gave a message about fear and the negative impact fear has on our lives. (and how God doesn’t want us to carry the burden of fear.) He actually said the opposite of love isn’t hate but fear and the Bible does say perfect love casts out fear.

Love verses fear and specifically the awesome power of love itself is the major theme of my book.

Here is an excerpt of a pivotal part of my book.

In fact, Viola sent Anna on her way with two words of advice, “The heart of a person guides actions with intention. Do not let fear make decisions for you and what you do, do in love. Let love govern your heart for love is the currency of Heaven. Fear creates discord and interferes with the song that resonates throughout the universe. It is difficult to impossible to hear the sound of the universe and move in harmony when all you can hear is the demanding rhythm of your own naked fear. Love, on the other hand, is the very essence of the song the Universe is singing. When someone acts out of love, he or she is in harmony with the rhythm of all of creation. Things have a way of working out in spite of circumstances. There is no explanation but this is a universal principle that holds everything together and unites all of Creation to the other. Against love there is no law, with love, there are no limitations.”


I am making the first chapter of my book available for free

I would like to make my first chapter available to people in exchange for honest feedback.

I was invited to submit the first fifteen pages of my manuscript to an agent making the preliminary feedback of critical importance.

If you want me to send you chapter 1 which is actually a back story, either email me dbaug2uga@gmail.com or respond to this post with a comment and I’ll email it to you if you provide an address.


Fat shaming is a thing

Okay, in the past three years, I have put on weight primarily because I hurt my back and haven’t been nearly as active as usual and I hope that is temporary but people really need to get a grip and realize that a person’s statistics are but one small element of the entire personhood and it is a pretty unimportant one at that!

I just read an article about Kelly Clarkson being bullied and fat shamed by the fitness police and I was expecting to see a picture of an obese woman and saw this 


She is beautiful in both photos!

I believe this is a feminist issue and I have a single question; has this ever been done to a man?

As though it isn’t hard enough being a teenage girl

The following is such a prime example of the idiocy and asshattery of basic health and wellness here in the US that I feel compelled to mention it. I just received mail from Julianna’s school and when I opened it, behold, it was a summary of her height and weight yadda yadda yadda.

It didn’t take long for me to notice her bmi was in the 70 percentiles.


Upon further examination, she had gone from 65 inches in eighth grade to 64 inches in ninth grade.

A few thoughts; do these people not know that teenagers don’t generally shrink.

Girls tend to be sensitive about weight and bmi without this.

Bone density and muscle mass will add to bmi without increasing dress size.

Julianna is healthy and active. She is also 57 inches tall, weight unknown,  and wears anything from a 00 to a size 2.


Debra Baker's photo.

Doing out of love instead of over thinking

At church, we have communion together on the first Sunday of the month usually during the third worship song.

This Sunday, Emily was behind me and she was holding her squirmy baby and I felt as though I should offer her my bread and grape juice. Although I usually over-think these moments, yesterday, I just offered Emily the communion and she took it with a heartfelt “thank-you.”

I took another trip to the communion table, picked up another cup and bread, took some time to examine my heart and thank God for everything He has done for me and started  worrying about looking silly, being intrusive etc. etc. etc.

After church, Emily thanked me and I realized she was sincere. She said it blessed her in that moment to know that I, as a mom of many, understood the relentless stresses that come with nurturing little children full-time. The small gesture blessed her and affirmed the work she was doing.

I am so glad I just offered Emily the cup and bread instead of over analyzing the situation.

As long as there is love in your heart, the silly thing that comes to mind will likely bless someone.

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