A good example of how to deal with hate-mongering

If you combat hate with hate, hate wins but if you drown out hate with love, love wins. watch this video.

What happens to ambitious women

Eleanor Abernathy isn’t real but there are too many elements of her character that rings true in academia where white male privilege still reaches out and punishes women who are too ambitious to know their place.

I love being in school and I love learning.

I love the life sciences but I do not want to end up like this…..

If God wants me to become a researcher with a PhD (thus opening doors for me) He will provide a way.

I will not be stripped of my dignity by going through the application-rejection cycle this year.

I need to heal.



Rearranging Furniture

Last week, Josh moved to San Francisco and the only child left is Julianna.

This makes the house just a little bit too quiet and a little lonely particularly for Julianna.

It also makes no sense to have Julianna in the smallest bedroom with three bedrooms empty most of the time so I’m cleaning out the red room formerly Josh’s room, formerly Jeanette’s room, formerly the Boy’s room, formerly Jennifer’s room with the intention of giving this space with its queen sized bed and large closet to Julianna.

Julianna’s room will become my office (insert evil laugh) and I am seriously toying with converting Josh’s room into a lab (insert evil scientist laughter.)

This is all, of course, a metaphor of the changes going on in life in general and how the way I have ordered my life before isn’t efficient now and how it is healthy to take inventory of resources and rearrange things to more effectively meet the needs at the moment.

I am restoring household homeostasis (cue in the evil nerdy scientist laughter again.)

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