Why this Straight Christian Girl Advocates for Marriage Equality


So I go onto Facebook and, Lo! and Behold! a controversy about marriage equity.

I am solidly and unabashedly on the side of equality for all that includes the right for my gay and lesbian friends to marry and I have a list of reasons why. This list will likely not be exhaustive so bear with me.

1) The law should apply to all.

2) Religious arguments should not impact secular law (1st Amendment.)

3) Extending rights to others does not diminish your own rights.

4) The extent to which the majority gives a minority group rights that they already possess reflects on the majority group.

5) We straights haven’t been doing such a great job of being married, why should we have exclusive rights to the institution?

The HA Team

The HA Team.

I find it interesting to experience homeschooling and conservatism from the perspective of the children who are now grown and discovering their voice both collectively and as individuals.

Very cool very simplified evolution animation


Lets see if it works……..Well, just click on the link already.

Paintings associated with my book.

falls trail

I’m really tired and will find more and add them tomorrow. This painting is from Chapter Two of my book. Both the chapter and painting are titled Falls Trail.

Lessons I’m beginning to learn this week


I’m new at thinking a certain way and the lessons I’m learning are in flux.  After all is said and done, I may come to radically different conclusions and if I do, I will write about the journey.

Last Tuesday, I was in a nasty valley of depression and today I feel a lot better.

My circumstances haven’t changed much.

My circumstances suck donkey balls.

I will contrast my feelings and attitudes on Tuesday and what is different at the time of this writing to get a sense of direction.

Last Tuesday, I was unable to use my technology.

I felt stupid.

I didn’t get to work out and didn’t have that nice rush of endorphins.

I was just rejected from my third of five applications.

I am being discriminated against based upon age.

That is making me feel old.

Put it all together and I feel like a pile of dog droppings.

What has changed?

Nothing, really!

What is different?

Wednesday was Julianna’s birthday and I didn’t want to be bummed for her birthday so I made myself cheer up.

I put on a fake cheerful front for her.

I reminded myself how much I loved her.

I finally got myself moving and a nice rush of endorphins was just what I needed.

I started applying for at least one job every day.

I decided if someone is going to discriminate against me because of my age, fuck them! Not literally, but fuck them! I do not want to work with a bunch of bastards that would be shallow enough to discriminate against me based upon my age.

The following are less here and now but they have been liberating and have helped me start thinking about life and I may be in the beginning of a new direction.

Serendipity and Synergy

The universe is singing me a love song and it is in the language of serendipity and takes a synergistic tone.  It is when words are crafted perfectly and your song reaches the right ears. 

These unexpected random but not little events do more than send chills up and down my spine;  they confirm the unseen in my life.

They remind me not to worry about what to eat and what to wear like the Bible verse says, He knows when a sparrow falls, He knows every little need and he has clothed the lilies of the field, He will provide for His sons and daughters.

The time will come. I will apply year after year after year.

I will likely take some action, watch out.

But I will also live present and will not be defined by what other people think I am (or even if I’m) of any worth to them.

My book is amazing.

My mitotic spindles look like angels. So do my neurotransmitters.

My angels look like Klingon warriors.

My poinsettias look like fairies.

My fairies look like dragon flies.

And I haven’t said a single word about my science because my life is still rich and my children and my creative works will be here when I’m gone.

Nolite te bastardes carborundorum,


What is my response if all three remaining schools reject me?

I know I am not looked upon favorably because of my age and the dignified thing might be to accept reality and just find a job and live with comfort but that is not my style.

In my universe, these are my realities…..

In ten years, I will either have my PhD or wish I had it.

I will not willingly look in the mirror at my ten year older face frowning with regrets.

But if you (times three) reject me,  I will be back next year and the year after that etc. etc. etc. and, guess what, I will be another year older and if you think you can justify it and write me another Dear John letter, I will be there again and again and again for you to reject until I drop dead.

You, oh biased admissions committees, are a brick wall in my life,

You are letting me know how much I want this thing.

But I am on this earth to do something and you are in my way.

Yup, that is a sledge hammer, would you prefer a pick axe?

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